Bloodhounds Being Killed by Black Union Soldiers, 1862

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Image Reference

Joseph T. Wilson, The black phalanx: a history of the Negro soldiers of the United States in the war of 1775-1812, 1861-’65 (Hartford, Conn., 1888), facing p. 323. (Copy in Special Collections, University of Virginia Library)

Titled, “Terrible Fight with Bloodhounds,” the sub-title (cropped here) reads “The 1st South Carolina Regiment was attacked by the Confederates with bloodhounds at Pocatalago Bridge, Oct. 23rd, 1862. The hounds rushed fiercely upon the troops, who quickly shot or bayoneted them and exultingly held aloft the beasts that had been so long a terror to the Negro race.” An artist’s rendition of this battle scene, showing Confederate cavalry attacking and their bloodhounds being slaughtered by black union troops. Slaveowners used bloodhounds to track fugitive or runaway slaves. This image appeared earlier in Leslie’s Illustrated, March 1864 (see Image Reference LCP-65).