Climbing Palm Trees, Senegal, 1806

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Image Reference

Jean Baptiste Durand, A voyage to Senegal . . . translated from the French, & embellished with numerous engravings (London, 1806), between pp. 166-167.

Not based on an eye-witness drawing, this is one of several fanciful engravings created by the publisher for this volume. Caption: "Negroes Swarming Trees." The author writes: "The Negroes . . . climb [the trees] by means of a strong rope of cotton, or of palm leaves twisted together; this rope is long enough to embrace the trunk of the tree and the body of the man, leaving about two feet between them"; he describes the palm tree, the popularity of palm wine, and the use of palm oil as a body ointment, in cooking, in the diet, and as a medicine (pp. 166-167).