Clothing Styles, Cape Verde Islands, early 18th cent.

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Image Reference

Daniel Defoe, The four years voyages of Capt. George Roberts. . . Written by himself (London, 1726), between pp. 422 and 423. (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

The two copper engravings depicting inhabitants on one of the Cape Verde islands, were presumably produced by the publisher to accompany this fictional account by Defoe. Perhaps they were derived from another, albeit unidentified, source. The image on the left, captioned “A man and woman of the Island of St. John,” shows a man holding a long spear and wearing a breech clout/loin cloth; the woman also wears a loin cloth and holds a string of beads in one hand, she also has bead bracelets on both arms. The image on the right shows the same figures, but now wearing robes; it is captioned “ A man and woman of the island of St. John in their best Habits”.