Whipping a Slave, Virginia, 1850s

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Image Reference

Richard Hildreth, Archy Moore, the white slave; or, Memoirs of a Fugitive (New York, 1857), p. 95.

Captioned, "The Last Daughter," shows a white man whipping a black woman while she holds onto her child. This illustration depicts a scene in which the author of this anti-slavery novel describes how slave children were sold away from their mothers who were past child bearing. In this case, a mother, all of whose children had been sold away, was unwilling to part with her only remaining child; while the girl clung to her mother's dress, the new master whipped the mother, telling her to hold her "cursed chatter" (p.94). First published as "The Slave: or, Memoirs of Archy Moore (Boston, 1836), but without illustrations; the London edition (1852) contains different illustrations (see copies located in the Library Company of Philadelphia).