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House and Compound, Sierra Leone, late 17th cent.Fort St. Anthony at Axim, Gold Coast, early 18th cent.Sponge Fishermen and Houses, Cuba, ca. 1850House of Muslim Religious Leader, Fandah, Central Nigeria, 1832-33Gracehill Plantation, Antigua, British West Indies, 1830 Market Women with Children, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831 Slaves Conversing, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Black Soldiers and Civilians at the "Fort Pillow Massacre," Tennessee,  April 1864 Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1830sWoman Carrying a Child, Trinidad, 1836Slave Barracoon, Congo, 1880sSlave Coffle, Central Africa, 1866 Slave Coffle, East Africa, 1891Slave Coffle, 19th cent.Slave Coffle, 19th cent.Slave Coffle, Central Africa, 1861Slave Coffle, Central Africa, 1875Plantation Village in Georgia, mid-19th cent.House of Plantation Workers, U.S. South, 1880sClothing Styles, Kingdom of Loango,  late 17th cent.Enslaved Africans in Hold of Slave Ship, 1827Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early 1820sMoslem Slave Raid on a Village, Central Africa, early 1880s
Poster Announcing Sale and Rental of Slaves, Saint Helena (South Atlantic), 1829Branding an Enslaved Woman, 19th cent.Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1816-1831Sale of an Enslaved Woman and Her Children, Suriname, ca. 1831Slave Market, Brazil, 1830sCarter with Ox Team, Jamaica, 1820-21 Female Cook in her Kitchen, Virginia, early 1850sElderly Female Household Servant, Virginia, early 1850sEmancipated Slaves, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1864Emancipated Slaves, North Carolina, 1863Fugitive Slaves, U.S. South, 1864School for Emancipated Slave Children, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1860sSchool for Emancipated Slave Children, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1866 Black Settlements and Houses, North Carolina, 1866Muster of Plantation Slaves, Brazil, 1867Cotton Gin, U.S. South, 1860sSugar Boiling House, Louisiana, 1853 Enslaved House Servants and White Children, South Carolina, 1863Slaves Waiting for Sale, Richmond, Virginia, 1861Afro-Brazilian Dance, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1820-24Methodist Prayer Meeting, Philadelphia, 1811-1813Funeral Procession, Brazil, 1816-1831 Washerwoman with Her Child, Brazil, 1840sFruit and Vegetable Vendor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1850s Black Nursemaid, New Orleans, 1873-74Chained Slaves in Front of the U.S. Capital Building, Washington, D.C., 1814Waiting for Plantation Food Rations, Cuba, ca. 1866Captured Africans Taken to the Coast, Nigeria, 1853; (or), Liberia, 1840Timber Estate, British Guiana (Demerara), 1834Rural Scene, Serra do Caraca, Brazil, 1817-1820Slave Auction, U.S. South, ca. 1840sGroup Singing, Virginia, 1840s Whipping a Slave, Virginia, 19th cent. Musicians and Their Instruments, Central Africa,  1858-64"Contraband" or Fugitive Slaves, Cumberland County, Virginia, 1862Fanti Dance, Gold Coast, 1835Africans Thrown Overboard from a Slave Ship, Early 19th cent.Whipping a Slave, Virginia, 1850sSugar Plantation Mill Yard, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Woman Carrying Goods, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1835Thatched Houses, Barbados, 1898Selling Sweet Potatoes, Charleston, South Carolina, 1861Slave Ship Fredensborg II, 1788Digging Holes for Planting Sugar Cane, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Planting Sugar Cane, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Sugar Cane Harvest, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Sugar Boiling House, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Shipping Sugar, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Slave Quarters, Kingsley Plantation, Duval County, Florida, ca. 1870Slave Houses, Brazil, 1830sBlack Nursemaid with White Children, Virginia, 1790sGoing to Market, Near Savannah, Georgia, 1875Slave Coffle, Washington, D.C., ca. 1819Murriah Flood, Alabama, 1915 Internal Slave Trade, Staunton, Virginia, 1853 Slave Coffle, Virginia, 1839Tobacco Production, Richmond, Virginia, 1870sTobacco Factory, Virginia. 1870sNewly Arrived Enslaved Africans, Surinam, 1770sSlave Auction, Charleston, South Carolina, 1853Boatmen, Brazil, 1830sEnslaved Fruit and Vegetable Vendor, Brazil, ca. 1641Slaves Carrying a Covered Hammock, Brazil, 1630s Divination Ceremony and Dance, Brazil, 1630s Plantation Slaves, Beaufort, South Carolina, 1862Handbill Offering Reward for Fugitive Slaves, St. Louis, 1847Picking Cotton, Georgia, 1858 Slave Quarters, Louisiana, 1861-65 Washerwomen, Brazil,1816-1831Slave Yard at Goree, Senegal, 1805Prince of Marabou, Senegal, 1805Africans Rescued from a Slave Ship, East Africa, 1869Africans Liberated from a Slave Ship, East Africa, 1870sAdvertisement for Sale of Newly Arrived Africans, Charleston, July 24, 1769Africans Thrown Overboard from a Slave Ship, Brazil, ca. 1830s Village Scene and Dance, Corisco Island, Equatorial Guinea, mid-19th cent.Mourning the Deceased or Watching over the Dead (Liberia? Corisco Island, Equatorial Guinea?), mid-19th cent.Free Woman of Color, Senegal, 1780sPlantation Settlement, Surinam, ca. 1860Captured Africans and their Captors, Northwestern Nigeria, 1860