Undergraduate Research Conference 2005
at the University of Virginia

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Presenter School Title
Sham, See-King University of Hong Kong Prevalence, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Malnutrition in Convalescent Hospital
Barry, Robert University of Birmingham Visual Impairment in the UK Population
Elias, Rebecca University of New South Wales Black Deaths Out of Custody
Fairbairn, Nadia University of British Columbia Hit Doctors
Ng, Reuben National University of Singapore Attitudes and Attraction: I like you because I think you will like me.
Washington, Jalan University of Virginia The Intersection of Biology and Society
Ali, Farhan National University of Singapore From Making Trees to Making Love
Rix, Michael University of Queensland Ribosomal RNA Secondary Structure Variation in Spiders
Mendoza, Diego McGill University Optical Imaging of Primary Visual Cortex in the Rat.
Lam, Pak Yan University of Hong Kong Down-regulation of the Human Secretin Gene
Nimmo, Jeff University of British Columbia The Effect of Parity on Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows.
Davidson, Joanne University of Auckland Factors Contributing to Cell Swelling in InVitro Model of Stroke.
Modig, Fredrik Lund University Acute Alcohol Intoxification.
Kennedy, Linn Lund University The Prognostic Importance of BMI After Complicated Myocardial Infarction.
Pearce, Claire University of Birmingham Variable Potency of HDAC Inhibitors To Leukemia Cells
Li, Yinghui National University of Singapore Antisense Down-regulation on MT-2A Expression in NPC Cells
Neale, Catherine University of Virginia Slaves at the University of Virginia
Thomas, Christopher University of Melbourne Brazilian Draft Resolution on Human Rights and Sexual Orientation
Begum, Hena University of Birmingham Attitudes Towards Consanguinity in Pakistani and Bangladeshi Comm.
Zamkanei, Shayna McGill University Was She or Wasn't She
Chew, Emily University of Melbourne Itís Our Dragon
Haynes, Laura University of New South Wales The Effects of Prose Complexity and Topic
Mankad, Prema University of Queensland Understanding Bilateralism in Americaís Trade Policy
Quinn, Simon University of Queensland The Search for Social Capital: Whatever Happened to the Rule of Law?
Marshall, Simon University of Auckland Rankings of Multisets and Discrete Cones
Persson, Helena University of Lund Spectroscopy at Fudan University
Raunu, Gurprit University of Edinburgh An Analysis of Clustering in Water-Methanol Mixtures
Collis, Antonia University of Edinburgh Simulating the Self-Assembly of Multicellular Organisms
Supasiti, Tharatorn University of Melbourne Modeling the Electrical Double Layer Interaction
Chiang, David University of British Columbia Effects of Changing the Physico-Chemical Properties
Thirunavukarasu, Anju University of New South Wales Satellite Analysis of Aerosol Indirect Effect
Fan, Xiang University of Hong Kong Whole Genome Alignment Using a Hybrid Approach
Egri, Laszlo McGill University A Compositional Neural Network Solution to Primality-Testing
Surendranath, Yogesh University of Virginia Synthesis and Reactivity of ?2-Diazine Tungsten (0) Complexes

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