ReViewing America
a summary lecture
Spring 2007

Video clips:

Casablanca, "Bogart, hard-boiled," 1942 (Unit 1).
Casblanca, "Bogart, Hill o beans," 1942 (Unit 1).
WWII Japanese American Detention Camps (Unit 2).
"Taxes Beat Axis," WWII propaganda starring Donald Duck (Unit 1).
"Munich Four Power Agreement," 1938 (Unit 1).
Winston Churchill, "Iron Curtain Speech," 1946 (Unit 1).
President Truman, on the Truman Doctrine, 1947.
President Truman, Announces the Dropping of A-Bomb, 1945.
Advertisement, "Two-Ford Freedom".
Best Years of Our Lives, "Vet Looking for GI Loan," 1945.
Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Have a Dream," 1963 (Unit 4).
Stokeley Carmichael, "Black Power," (Unit 4).
"Boston Whites Protest vs. Ted Kennedy," 1974 (Unit 8).
"Johnson Announces Heart Advances," 1968.
"Expert for N.R.C. Testifies vs. Diablo Plant," 1979 (Unit 9).
"The Berlin Wall Crumbles," 1989 (Unit 12).
In the Heat of the Night, "Black/White Compromise," 1967 (Unit 12).

Lecture Outline -- ReViewing America, spring 2007.

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