Viewing America Website:

Required Texts:

Most of the reading assignments are provided online in PDF format and can be retrieved directly from the syllabus by following the available links. The rest of the required reading can be purchased either at the University Bookstore or from the online retailer of your choice. All the reading materials will be on reserve at Clemons Library.

Recommended Text:

Recommended Text. Students who would like more background on twentieth-century U.S. history can refer to the recommended text listed below. This is not required reading and you will not be tested on it, although you may find background information in it that is useful for your papers, exams, and CYOU project. Copies of the recommended text are available at the bookstore, at on-line booksellers, and on reserve at Clemons.

Required Films:

All the films assigned for the course are required. Films will be on reserve at the Robertson Media Lab in Clemons. You may also view them on Tuesdays, 7 pm, in Clemons 201. Mr. Balogh or one of the teaching assistants will lead a discussion after each public showing. Attendance is not required; it's just fun.

Getting Started

Week of 1/16 :: Introduction

The Viewing America Website

Unit 1

Week of 1/22 :: National Security

Unit 2

Week of 1/28 :: Reciprocity Between Citizen and State

Unit 3

Week of 2/4 :: Cold War, Warm TV

Unit 4

Week of 2/11 :: Kitchen to Kink

Unit 5

Week of 2/18 :: Experts Everywhere

CYOU Executive Summary due in sections.

Unit 6

Week of 2/25 :: Politics and Media

No Readings, No Film, No Sections This Week: Prepare for midterm on Wednesday.

Midterm: 2/27

Spring Break

Week of 3/1

Unit 7

Week of 3/10 :: Power to the People

Unit 8

Week of 3/17 :: Why Vietnam?

Unit 9

Week of 3/24 :: Second Thoughts?

Papers due in sections next week.

Unit 10

Week of 3/31 :: New Agendas

Papers due through Collab at noon(See Course Updates for instructions).

Unit 11

Week of 4/7 :: The New Right

CYOU Reports Due in Section

Unit 12

Week of 4/14 :: Countering the Counterculture and Ending the Cold War

Unit 13

Week of 4/21 :: 9/11/01 and CYOU

Unit 14

Week of 4/28 :: Re-viewing America

Final Examination

Friday, May 2 :: 0900-1200

Thank you for Viewing America!